Andrzej Bernardyn
What is interesting about my webinars?
Beautiful presentation
Slides that I use during webinars are esthetically pleasing. Instead of a wall of text I put on slides photos that invoke emotions or thought-provoking pictures. Because of that the participant stay focused and they enjoy taking part in the webinar even more.
interactive as hell!
The participants of my webinars have a voice. They can ask questions (and get the answer), express their opinions in surveys and check their knowledge in fun, interactive quizzes with special rewards. Because of that the participants are active from the first minute to the last one.
facts & Stories
On the one hand, I do my best to get to the bottom of things. I read scientific research, test it in my life and look for best business practices. Facts are crucial to me. On the other hand, I know that dry facts and complicated language deprive the audience of a chance to acquire valuable knowledge. That is why I use stories, analogies and real-life examples, to make everything clear.
action plan
Inspiring my audience isn’t enough for me. My goal is that each listener, at the end of the webinar, will decide which 1 particular action they will perform within 7 days to put the acquired knowledge into practice.
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