Andrzej Bernardyn

about ME

Hi! My name is Andrzej Bernardyn, like a big dog with a barrel full of rum. My life mission is to help people, by giving them skills, tools and know-how they need.
~ I'm a psychologist and philologist by education
~ I have been conducting trainings for 16 years
~ I worked with more than 10.000 people from more than 200 companies
~ I started using internet to teach people long before it became fashionable
~ I'm the author of a book and educational board game about habits
~ I'm a host of 2 podcasts: Od Laika Do Stoika (in Polish) about stoicism and The Helpful Habit about improving your life
~ For many years I was involved in 2 NGOs: Toastmasters International about public speaking & leadership skills, and The Odyssey of the Mind about creativity & team building
PRIVATELY~ I'm a psychologist and philologist by education
~ I 'm a father of four and a husband to one :-)
~ I'm a practicing stoic. I use ancient wisdom to solve modern problems
~ I enjoy swimming in ice cold water
~ I'm not afraid of risk. I was a paraglider and the first one to say "I love you"
~ I live in Wrocław, Poland, but I work across the globe with the help of Internet and best educational tools
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