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Enjoy all the free resources I prepared for you! My life mission is to help people by sharing with them the best available knowledge and most useful techniques. I pay special attention to the high quality of knowledge verified by reading scientific research and testing it in my own life. What’s more, the form of communication is equally important to me. That is why I hire a professional illustrator to create infographics and I spend many hours looking for a perfect metaphor or analogy that can convey deep truth in a simple, easy to understand way. Choose the best way for you. 


Welcome to The Helpful Habits!
In The Helpful Habits podcast, we will learn how to employ good habits that will do the hard work for us. How to change our lives for the better not by taking massive leaps, but with the help of small, easy-to-implement steps. 

In each episode I will present at least 1 helpful habit. You will learn why it is essential and how this habit can improve the quality of your life. 

You can listen to it directly from my page or on your favorite podcasting app like Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.
You can listen to it directly from my page or on your favourite podcasting app
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The Habit Of Optimism


Is the image worth a thousand words for you?
Then look at beautiful infographics 
With the help of infographics you can easily see the big picture and connections between all key elements. Colors, icons, and special fonts engage your brain more than a plain text. Because of that the presented knowledge will stick in your memory. 

In my collection of infographics you will find, among others: the complete Speech Structure (Public Speaking), the POMODORO technique (Time Management), the Habit Loop (Habits), 3 types of fixation (Creativity), and the FACE feedback model (Communication).
the FACE feedback model COMMUNICATION
Take a look at the modern way of giving effective feedback. Discover what you should say on each of 4 steps, by looking at an example with the naughty cat.
the 3 types of fixation
Take a look at the 3 most common traps that block our creativity. Discover how you can free yourself from them, and as a result, generate more original ideas.
the POMODORO technique
Take a look at the simplest time management method. Discover how you can increase your concentration, motivation, take care of your body and mind, and get a fresh perspective.
the Habit Loop
Take a look at 3 key ingredients of each habit. Discover how you can design good habits in your life by looking at the examples of great triggers, reactions, and rewards.
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